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you know that guy over there doing his homework?? he’s a nerd lol XD


*watches Netflix

*looks at clock


*watches Netflix


It was on the flower-crowned shore of a mountain lake
that I first experienced drowning
and though the water only reached
my frozen fingertips,
I could feel it
boldly entering my lungs
in waves of words and tedious punctuation marks,
letters piercing through their thin tissue
without meaning to,
demanding to know
if I had ever loved.

And it was those floods
which strangled the buried memories
out of my crumbling system
as my veins dripped explosions of inevitable supernovas,
cut open by a hand which only meant to caress.
But how could I have told them
about the way you triggered
the dynamite inside my arteries
each time you called my name
or about how you would dissipate
time and space
with a simple touch of my pale thigh;
there was no way
I could have phrased
the ease with which I would have allowed
the raging lion of your self-destructive soul
to consume me
or express the burning longing
just before I tangled my fingers
in the fragile web of yours.

So I just grew my gills,
mumbled a timid
and they didn’t believe me.
Apparently, admitting it shouldn’t take
as much.

-"breathing underwater", luana gavan (via shadowsofink)
"Maybe it won’t work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever."

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I actually love this
It’s so comforting

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